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(ID:005655) Prakas No 292 Credit Guarantee Fees of Credit Guarantee Fund Project (2013-03-18)
KH(89.2 kB)    
(ID:005955) Prakas No Th.8. 013.120 on Establishment of Currency Policy Commission (2013-05-27)
KH(74.6 kB)    
(ID:006331) Notification No B5.013.088 on the Fee for Reginal Money Transfer via National Clearing System (2013-02-14)
KH(846.6 kB)    
(ID:006332) Prakas No B9.013.125 on Put in use of the Rule and Procedure of National Clearing System (2013-06-05)
KH(1.2 MB)    
(ID:006333) Prakas No B7.013.122 on Determination of Fee for Banking and Financial Institutions (2013-05-30)
KH(903.7 kB)    
(ID:006346) Sub-Decree No 498 on the Publish of New Currency type 2000 Riel (2013-11-08)
KH(42.6 kB)    
(ID:006548) Notification No 1734 on the Report case of building progress of the National Monetary Museum of Cambodia (2013-10-31)
KH(781.1 kB)    
(ID:006553) Notification Procedures in Subscribing the Negotiable Certificate of Deposit (NCD) issued by National Bank of Cambodia (NBC) (0000-00-00)
EN(17.7 MB)    KH(17.9 MB)    
(ID:005216) Prakas No B1-012-129 on Establishment of the Monetary Policy Commission (2012-08-03)
KH(67.9 kB)    
(ID:005217) Prakas No B9-012-131 on Establishment of the Internaltional Reserve Funds Investment Commission (2012-08-07)
KH(77.5 kB)    
(ID:005264) Prakas No B 7.012.140 on Maintenance of Reserve Requirement Against Commercial Banks’ Deposits and Borrowings (2012-09-13)
EN(37.4 kB)    KH(48.5 kB)    
(ID:005585) Prakas No B 7-012-185 on Prudential Rules and Risk Management Requirement Applicable to Banking and Financial Institutions Acting as Cash Settlement Agents Related to Securities (2012-12-31)
EN(191.8 kB)    KH(239.7 kB)    
(ID:006334) Prakas No B7.012.184 on Prudential Limits and Regulatory Requirements Applicable to Banking and Financial Institutions Trading in Securities (2012-12-31)
EN(563.6 kB)    KH(638.4 kB)    
(ID:004608) Prakas No B.9.011.076 on Establishment of the Commission to determine the exchange rate (2011-02-10)
KH(52.7 kB)    
(ID:004637) Instructive Circular No 004 on Procedure to deposit and to withdraw the money for the guarantee of contract?s implementation (2011-02-11)
KH(84.8 kB)    
(ID:004670) Prakas No B1.011.110 on Modification of Prakas on establishment of the monetary policy commission (2011-03-23)
KH(95.8 kB)    
(ID:004671) Prakas No B1.011.111 on Establishment of the monetary stability commission (2011-03-23)
KH(75.9 kB)    
(ID:004683) Prakas No B7.011.082 on Implementation of Risk-based and Forward-looking Supervision (2011-02-23)
EN(101.3 kB)    KH(110.5 kB)    
(ID:004684) Prakas No B7.011.082 on Implementation of Risk-based and Forward-looking supervision (2011-02-23)
EN(83.9 kB)    KH(95.5 kB)    
(ID:005020) Instructive Circular No B7.011.001 on Implementation of the Prakas on the Calculation banks’ Net worth (2011-02-23)
EN(101.3 kB)    KH(110.5 kB)    

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