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(ID:005513) Royal Decree No NS/RKT/0113/092 on Granting the Title of Professor (2013-01-23)
KH(780.1 kB)    
(ID:005541) Sub-Decree No 66 on Organization and Functioning of the General Secretariat of Cambodian National Council for Youth Development (2013-02-18)
KH(145.8 kB)    
(ID:005717) Royal Decree No NS/RKT/0413/317 on Organization and Functioning of National Committee for Protection and Development of young Children (2013-04-04)
KH(115.7 kB)    
(ID:005779) Sub-Decree No 190 on Organization and Functioning of the General Secretariat of the National Committee for Protection and Development of Young Children (2013-04-18)
KH(91.8 kB)    
(ID:005859) Joint Prakas No 508 on Principles of expenditure for Carrying out Program Budget at the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport (2013-05-20)
KH(251 kB)    
(ID:006182) Sub-Decree No 482 on the Recognition of Phnom Penh International Art Institute (2013-10-19)
KH(70 kB)    
(ID:006338) Royal Decree No NS/RKT/1013/1057 on the Transfer of Cambodia Sport Council to be under the Supervision of Ministry of Education Youth and Sport (2013-10-24)
KH(38.7 kB)    
(ID:006339) Royal Decree No NS/RKT/1013/1061 on the Transfer of Accreditation Committee of Cambodia to be under the Supervision of Ministry of Education Youth and Sport (2013-10-24)
KH(53.4 kB)    
(ID:006475) Sub-Decree No 547 on the recognition of Kampong Cham University (2013-11-26)
KH(68.6 kB)    
(ID:005225) Sub-Decree No 134 on Acknowledgment of Institute of Finance and Accounting (IFA) (2012-08-28)
KH(55.8 kB)    
(ID:005257) Sub-Decree No 157 on Acknowledgment of the Asian Institution of Cambodia (2012-09-26)
KH(59.9 kB)    
(ID:005382) Sub-Decree No 254 Supplement to Sub-decree No. 60, dated September 20, 2004 on Supplement to Sub-decree No. 115 dated December 27, 1999 on Establishment of Royal University of Agriculture as Administrative Public Establishment (2012-12-17)
KH(56.9 kB)    
(ID:004750) Sub-Decree No 97 on Establishment of Department for Certifying the Qualities of Post-graduate Education, under General Secretariat of the Committee for Certifying Education Qualities of Cambodia (2011-05-26)
KH(72.3 kB)    
(ID:004916) Sub-Decree No 233 on Creation of the National Center for Social Affairs (2011-10-18)
KH(90.2 kB)    
(ID:004045) Decision No 12 on Modification of Article 1 and 5 of Decision on Creation of Committee to Reviewing and Evaluation the Certificate Level and Recommendation (2010-03-01)
KH(164.2 kB)    
(ID:004099) Sub-Decree No 47 on the Recognition of ZAMAN University (2010-05-18)
KH(150.3 kB)    
(ID:004129) Sub-Decree No 12 on Converting the Mix-Specialized School to become "TECHO HUN SEN" Military Technical Institute (2010-01-15)
KH(161.4 kB)    
(ID:004185) Decision No 30 on the Creation of the Commission to Prepare the Opening Ceremony of Battambang University and Inauguration School Campus and Buildings (2010-06-22)
KH(151 kB)    
(ID:004327) Sub-Decree No 98 on the Recognition of the International University of Cambodia (2010-08-16)
KH(150.9 kB)    
(ID:004557) Sub-Decree No 151 on Doctor Degree Education (2010-12-06)
KH(454.2 kB)    

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