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(ID:005910) Sub-Decree No 286 on Forms and Procedures for the Acquisition of Khmer Citizenship by Marriage (2013-05-13)
KH(81.6 kB)    
(ID:005911) Sub-Decree No 287 on Forms and Procedures for the Acquisition of Khmer Citizenship through Naturalization (2013-05-31)
KH(83 kB)    
(ID:005912) Sub-Decree No 288 on Forms and Procedures for the Renunciation of Khmer Citizenship (2013-05-31)
KH(67 kB)    
(ID:005968) Instructive Circular No 01 on Labour Force Management and Movement of Cambodian Migrants (2013-07-05)
KH(143.1 kB)    
(ID:006507) Sub-Decree No 568 on the Grant of Normal Passport to Cambodian Workers and Students (2013-12-23)
KH(47.5 kB)    
(ID:006508) Sub-Decree No 569 on the Amendment of Article 8 and Article 10 of Sub-Decree No.68 dated 25 October 1994 on the Passport of the Kingdom of Cambodia (2013-12-23)
KH(44.5 kB)    
(ID:006543) Notification No 8868 on the usage of Visa Information System (VIS) (2013-11-08)
KH(655.8 kB)    
(ID:006544) Letter No 8751 on Granting the Visa on Arrival in Kuwait (2013-11-06)
KH(338.9 kB)    
(ID:004848) Sub-Decree No 157 on Adjustment to Sub-decree No. 29, dated June 21, 1996 on Tax on the Travel Documents, Entrance Pass, Temporary Residence Permit and Permanent Residence Permit for the Foreign Immigrants (2011-07-14)
KH(122.1 kB)    
(ID:004037) Directive No 009 on the Management of Foreigner’s Existence in the Kingdom of Cambodia (2010-03-25)
KH(113.5 kB)    
(ID:004061) Prakas No 611 on Formalities for Giving Normal Passport to Workers and Interns to work and Study Tour Legally Abroad (2010-04-05)
KH(123.1 kB)    
(ID:003895) Sub-Decree No 224 on The Procedure to Reviewing and Recognizing, Titling as Refugees or Asylum to Foreigners in the Kingdom of Cambodia (2009-12-17)
KH(444.3 kB)    
(ID:003430) Sub-Decree No 202 on The Granting and Use of Diplomatic and Official Passports (2008-12-03)
KH(318.3 kB)    
(ID:000601) Sub-Decree No 02 on The Change of the Title of the Foreign Department to the Immigration Department of the Ministry of Interior (2006-01-12)
KH(47.5 kB)    
(ID:001419) Prakas No 406 on The Management of Visa Stickers (2006-06-01)
KH(192.8 kB)    
(ID:001451) Sub-Decree No 11 on The Modification of Article 6 of Sub-Decree on the Cambodian Nationality Identification Card (2006-02-14)
KH(40.9 kB)    
(ID:001788) Royal Kram No NS/0405/008 on The Promulgation of Law on the Adoption of Constitution of the International Organization for Migration (IOM) (2005-04-02)
KH(686.5 kB)    
(ID:000243) Circular No 002 on Issuing Border Passes to Cambodian Citizens and the Border Crossing Management (2003-11-06)
KH(268.9 kB)    
(ID:001670) Sub-Decree No 68 on The Passports Usage at the Cambodian-Thai Border Gate (2003-10-16)
KH(352 kB)    
(ID:001721) Prakas No 1242 on The Procedure of Issuing Border Passes along Khmer-Thai Border Gates (2003-11-06)
KH(132 kB)    

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