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(ID:005464) Prakas No 073 on Equivalence of System of Weight Units in the Sector of Precious Metals (2013-01-25)
KH(62.6 kB)    
(ID:005783) Prakas No 363 on Procedures and Formalities of Metrology Registration and Licensing for the Use of the Cambodian Metrology Trademark (2013-04-22)
KH(182 kB)    
(ID:004994) Order No 001 on Naming of the Factory and Handicraft. (2012-01-16)
KH(71.1 kB)    
(ID:005044) Prakas No 139 on Procedures and Formalities of Metrology Registration and Licensing for Using the Cambodian Metrology Trademark (2012-02-08)
KH(160.7 kB)    
(ID:005100) Prakas No 148 on Procedures and Issuance of Certification of Items and Quantities of Chemical Substance Use (2012-02-13)
EN(34.7 kB)    KH(4.9 MB)    
(ID:005113) Prakas No 141 on Procedure and Formality of Application for Approval Letter on Import of Equipments for Metrology and for Metrology standard (2012-02-08)
KH(127.4 kB)    
(ID:005114) Notification No 038 on Import of Metrology Standard Equipment and Metrology Equipment (2012-01-11)
KH(53.8 kB)    
(ID:005226) Royal Kram No NS/RKT/0812/734 on Amendment to Article 2, Article 5 and Article 7 of the Royal Kram No. NS/RKT/1204/048 dated December 04, 2004 on Creation of Funds for Rural Electrification of the Kingdom of Cambodia and to New Article 4 of the Royal Kram No. NS/RKT/0108/064, dated January 28, 2012 on Amendment to Article 4 of the Royal Kram No. NS/RKT/1204/048, dated December 04, 2012 on Creation of Funds for Rural Electrification of the Kingdom of Cambodia (2012-08-22)
KH(83 kB)    
(ID:004673) Prakas No 242 on Procedure to Implement the Regulation on the Operation of Factories and Handcrafts (2011-03-04)
KH(339.5 kB)    
(ID:004757) Inter-Ministerial Prakas No 379 on the service fees for issuance of Certificates to Confirm the License System of Using the Cambodian Standard Label, License of Product Registration and Letter confirming the sign of chemical substance and/or Chemical Substance Using system in Industrial domain (2011-05-27)
KH(82.5 kB)    
(ID:004758) Inter-Ministerial Prakas No 380 on Service fees for Establishment and Operation of Factory and Handicraft and Penality on Violation of Law on the Management of Factory and Handicraft (2011-05-27)
KH(150.8 kB)    
(ID:004976) Instructive Circular No 13 on Fundamental Security Protecting Rules of Electricity Supply System in the Kingdom of Cambodia (2011-12-27)
KH(49.4 kB)    
(ID:004310) Prakas No 546 on the Implementation Rules for Inspecting Factory-Handicraft (2010-07-11)
KH(989.9 kB)    
(ID:005189) Prakas No 640 on Delegation of Authority in Industry Section to the Administration of Target City, District and Khan of the One Window Service office (2010-07-29)
KH(385.5 kB)    
(ID:005190) Instruction No 007 on Implementation of Prakas No. 640 dated July 29, 2010 on Delegation of authority in Industry section to the administration of target city, District and Khan of the One Window Service Office (2010-12-27)
KH(679.7 kB)    
(ID:003459) Sub-Decree No 02 (RGC) on The Promotion of Mineral Business and, Construction Stone Equipments Office of Mines Resource Department to Mineral Construction Department Subordinate to the Mineral Resource General Department of Ministry of Industry, Mines and Energy (2009-01-08)
KH(114.4 kB)    
(ID:003465) Decision No 10 on Establishment of Ministerial Technical Group Working for Action Plan Management and Controlling the Fund Implementation and Income of Petroleum, Gas and Mines Resources (2009-02-04)
KH(148.1 kB)    
(ID:003839) Prakas No 1104 on the Organization and Functioning of the Information Department (2009-11-19)
KH(1021.3 kB)    
(ID:003563) Prakas No 326 (MIME) on the Establishment of Factory (2009-05-11)
KH(250.8 kB)    
(ID:003656) Inter-Ministerial Prakas No 172&191 on The Determination of Fees for Registration, Application (Fees of License), Extension, Right Transfer of Mineral License, Land Rental of Concession Zone for Exploration and/or Exploitation of Mineral Resources and Royalty of Mineral Resources (2009-03-27)
KH(364.6 kB)    

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