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(ID:004919) Decision No 58 on Establishment of Joint Technical Committee in charge of Boundary Demarcation and Joint Development on Petroleum Resource in Overlapping Claimed Area of Cambodian-Thai Sea (2011-10-19)
KH(84.3 kB)    
(ID:004459) Decision No 55 on the Establishment of inter-ministerial Commission for Evaluation on and preparation of Master Plan of Islands with economic potential (2010-10-18)
KH(76.5 kB)    
(ID:002973) Decision No 132 on The Establishment of Secretariat of the Committee for the Management of Sand Resource (2007-06-27)
KH(216.1 kB)    
(ID:002997) Royal Kram No NS/0607/016 on The Promulgation of the Law on Water Resource Management in the Kingdom of Cambodia (2007-06-29)
KH(433.2 kB)    
(ID:001048) Decision No 20 on The Establishment of Commission for Managing Sand Resource (2006-05-23)
KH(75 kB)    
(ID:003834) Sub-Decree No 08 on Determining the Investment Principles of All Types of Mineral Resources (2005-01-31)
KH(90 kB)    
(ID:001957) Prakas No 340 on The Registration and Conditions of Renewal and Authorization of Mineral License (2004-05-25)
EN(590.9 kB)    KH(543.8 kB)    
(ID:000506) Sub-Decree No 112 on The Amendment to Sub-Decree N? 70 dated July 27, 2001on the Admission of the Cambodian National Petroleum Authority to CDC (2002-11-12)
KH(81.4 kB)    
(ID:000020) Decision No 62 on The Establishment of Joint Technical Committee in Charge of Developing in Common the Petroleum Resources in Overlapping Claim Area of Cambodian-Thai Sea Floor (2001-10-11)
KH(157.9 kB)    
(ID:000273) Royal Kram No NS/RKM/0701/09 Promulgation of Law on the Mineral Resource Management and Exploitation (2001-07-13)
EN(136.2 kB)    KH(688.7 kB)    
(ID:000710) Decision No 38 on The Creation of a Joint Technical Committee In Charge of Joint Development on Petroleum Resources in Overlapping Claim Area of Cambodia-Thai Ocean High Floor (2001-07-06)
EN(23.9 kB)    KH(252.1 kB)    
(ID:000814) Decision No 12 on The Creation of National Committee for Cambodian Coal (2001-03-07)
KH(135.1 kB)    
(ID:000463) Decision No 25 on The Amendment to 1991 Petroleum Regulations of Cambodia (1999-03-19)
EN(26.7 kB)    
(ID:001420) Royal Decree No NS/0199/07 on The Management of Watershed (1999-01-11)
EN(34.8 kB)    
(ID:004881) Decision No 25 on Amendment to 1991 Petroleum Regulation of Cambodia. (1999-03-19)
KH(168.5 kB)    
(ID:002482) Royal Decree No NS/RKT/1298/90 on the Nomination of Board of Management for the Cambodian National Petroleum Authority (1998-12-09)
EN(22.6 kB)    KH(184.8 kB)    
(ID:002483) Sub-Decree No 70 on The Modification of the Management Area of Natural Resources of ?TEK SAB? River, SIHANOUK VILLE (1998-10-29)
EN(18.1 kB)    
(ID:002484) Prakas No 138 on Declaration of Oil Reserve (1998-04-28)
EN(19.6 kB)    KH(59.7 kB)    
(ID:003775) Royal Decree No NS/RKT /0198/020 on the Formation of the Cambodian National Petrolium Authority (1998-01-22)
EN(80.8 kB)    
(ID:002486) Sub-Decree No 76 on Natural Resource Management in Prek Tuk Sap Area of Sihanouk Ville (1997-11-20)
EN(28.9 kB)    KH(59.3 kB)    

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